A bakery in Berlin by Frederik Bille Brahe and Slow. Sophienhöfe, Berlin.

Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Berlin


Ancient Grains, Fresh Bread

We bake bread. It might sound simple but it’s no small matter. We believe that soil is as important for grain as it is for wine, so we’ve tracked down some of the best small organic farmers in Northern Europe to help us recover the true flavors of ancient grains. A collaboration between Slow and Danish chef and restauranteur Frederik Bille Brahe, SOFI embraces the craft tradition of baking on a quest to right some of the wrongs of industrialization.

The Bread

Besides several rotating bread varieties—typically including a box-fermented, mixed-wheat Berliner Loaf, a German cracked rye, an oat porridge loaf and a seeded, sour Danish rye—SOFI offers a selection of loaf cakes, cookies and pastries, from our flaky cardamon-orange Morning Bun to the Handwerker, a typical Danish cheese bun with whipped butter, as well as chocolate sourdough cake, twice-baked croissants and fresh Italian focaccia.

The Bakery

The interior was designed by Danish architects Mathias Mentze and Alexander Vedel Ottensten in collaboration with Dreimeta. The vinyl red floor and a delicate yellow-hue wall paint resemble the colors of the courtyard, while bespoke furniture of solid elm wood with detailing in walnut centers on an oversized bread rack and a communal table. Colorful glazed ceramics by Studio X, hand-crafted cups by Danish artist Kasper Hesselbjerg, vintage cutlery and a flower collaboration with artist Danh Vo underline the detail-loving approach of the duo.